Greenville-Butler County Library

Privacy Policy

The Library website is governed by this Privacy Policy. We collect non-personal information from visitors to the website for statistical analysis, site assessment, server performance, troubleshooting and other management purposes.There is no inherent link to personally identifiable information in computer communications, unless you have provided that information in the content of your transaction. Examples of non-personal information collected include:


Our website contains links to external websites and licensed databases. The Library is not responsible for the privacy practices, security or content of these external sites. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy and security information for any site you visit.


Since the Library uses standard systems and communication methods beyond its direct control, no guarantee can be made that transactions over the Internet or thelocal network, by mail or e-mail, by telephone or at a public service desk are secure and confidential. While care is exercised to protect its systems and servers from unauthorized access, the Library may be vulnerable to temporary breaches of security. You must choose the method you wish to communicate your requests and personally identifiable information to us.

We recommend that you take these additional precautions: