Greenville-Butler County Library


The Census is Coming!

Important Dates


March 12-20

An invitation to respond online to the census will be mailed to all households.


March 16-24

A reminder letter will be mailed.


March 25-April 3

A reminder postcard will be mailed.


March 28
Census Day in Butler County! Visit members of our Count Committee at our tent at Camellia CityFest downtown Greenville.  


April 8-16

A reminder letter and paper questionnaire will be mailed.


April 20-27

A final reminder postcard will be mailed before the Census Bureau follows up in person.


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Why is the 2020 Census important to Alabama? 

In 2020, we as Alabamians have a tremendous opportunity to positively affect our state’s future for the next 10 years and beyond. How? By taking less than 10 minutes to complete a 2020 Census form.

Not only that. Saying “I Count” by completing your census form also helps secure a brighter future for yourself, your family and your community. 

Your opportunity to say “I Count” is coming in the spring of 2020. The mission of Alabama Counts! is to ensure you understand what is at stake for Alabama in 2020 and to ensure you are prepared to complete and return your census form. 

Many Alabamians directly benefit from the federal programs whose funding allocations are determined in part by census data. For these people, completing a census form will be a way to have a say in ensuring that Alabama receives its fair share of funding for these programs. 

The assistance programs tied to census data are critical to all Alabamians. If this funding is reallocated to other states due to a poor census count, then the funding for the missing services will have to be made up in some way at the local or state level. This affects everyone. 

Congressional representation also affects us all. Losing one of our seven Congressional representatives means one less voice for our state and our people at the federal level. 

Your voice matters. We all have a say in the outcome of the 2020 Census, and it can end with Alabama’s fair share of funding secured and with fair Congressional representation. All you have to do is complete and return your 2020 census form. It is a simple civic duty. 

The end goal is maximum participation. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Show them that you count, that we all count, by completing your census form.