Greenville-Butler County Library


Library now lending Wi-Fi “Hotspots”

The Greenville-Butler County Public Library was recently selected by the Alabama Public Library Service to participate in its Wi-Fi portable “Hotspot” lending program.


Portable hotspots allow users to connect to the Internet without needing a wired connection or access to a fixed Wi-Fi network, such as those made available in businesses. The GBCPL currently has five (5) such hotspots available for check-out, said Library Director Kevin Pearcey.


“We appreciate being a part of this program,” said Pearcey. “Many of our residents, especially in our rural areas, do not have access to the Internet either because they can’t afford the costs or because the technological infrastructure is not available. We’re pleased we can offer these hotspots and provide those residents an opportunity to access the World Wide Web.”


To check out a hotspot from the GBCPL, patrons should:

  • Have a library card in good standing (no fees or fines).
  • Be age 19 or over.
  • Sign a Program Requirements, Agreement, and Waiver Form provided by the GBCPL

Hotspots are limited to one per individual or household, said Pearcey, and can be checked out for one week (7 days). Hotspots cannot be renewed.


Call the GBCPL at 382-3216 or email,, for information about the program.