Greenville-Butler County Library


January is National Hobby Month

Itching to try something new? Come join us at the library!


As EveryLibrary writes, “Libraries are becoming the ideal place for hobbyists and those in search of new hobbies. With all the tools and resources available for people to discover something new as well as meet up with others who share the same interests. Your library is a place for everyone no matter how young or old they are. Heading to your local public library for your interests is a great way to pass the time doing your favorite activities while in a relaxing and fun environment. Libraries are a great place to find new hobbies.”


If your New Year’s resolution was to learn something new, come see us. Chances are we have a book or other materials, or can access information, that can help you achieve your goals in 2023. Also, check out some of the programs we are offering in January including:


-       Crochet (meets every Tuesday @ 10 a.m.)

-       Knitting (meets every Wednesday @ 2 p.m.)

-       Teen D&D Club (currently closed to new players, but if you’re interested on joining a game, give us a call!)

-       Beginning Computer Classes (For adults; limited to 10; meets Thursdays @ 2 p.m.)


Also, did you know the library offers guitars and ukuleles for check out? If you’ve ever wanted to learn one of these musical instruments, this is a great opportunity to explore this skill and for free!


We will consistently be adding new services and programs in the coming year, so be sure to stay informed – LIKE our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information!


Make 2023 the year you learn something new!