Greenville-Butler County Library

Teen Book Box Program

Criteria for Participation:

Must be a student in Butler County in the 7th thru 12th grade.

Must have a library card in good standing

Must pick up the Book Box you’ve registered for each month.


How does it work?

Each monthly book box will contain two library books tailored to your reading preferences. Boxes will also contain several goodies (pens, notebooks, candy, unique items, etc.)


What is the schedule for the Book Box Program?

First Quarter: October, November, December

Second Quarter: February, March, April

Third Quarter: June, July, August


When you sign up for the program, you sign up for that quarter. A waiting list will be maintained and if you didn’t make it as a registrant, say, in for the first quarter, we will add you to the pool of registrants for the second quarter, and so on, and contact you with information about your status.


How do I sign up?

You can sign up via our Google Form (here: ) or in person at the library.


How many boxes are offered each month?

Twenty maximum – so sign up ASAP! If there is interest, we do hope to offer more in the future, so tell your friends!


When will the boxes be available?

Generally, the fourth week of each month. If it is not picked up, we will drop you from the Book Box program for that quarter.


Do I need to give anything back?

YES! The LIBRARY BOOKS as they are part of our collection. They will need to be returned before picking up your next box. We also ask that you return the BOX as we wish to get as many uses as we can out of them. As for the items that are inside the box, those are yours to keep!


Questions? Please call Library Director Kevin Pearcey at 382-3216, or email: